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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy tailor made suits when off-the-rack suits me well?

    Honestly,   there is a huge difference between bespoke and off-the-rack suit.   Tailor-made garments are hand crafted using approximately 2000-5000   individual stitches. The 'body' of the suit is built up using   canvas/fusing which is hand sewn into the cloth to create the correct   shape. Whereas shirts are also hand cut on the premises and every minor   detail is taken into consideration keeping your style in mind. In   addition to it, you also have an option to personalize your suits,   shirts and trousers by adding following features:

    ◦ Hand stitched edges.
    ◦ Working buttons on sleeves.
    ◦ Slanted/diagonal pockets.
    ◦ Ticket pocket.
    ◦ Choice of contrasting lining.
    ◦ Reinforced under arms and crotch.
    ◦ Personalized name plates and monograms.
    ◦ Extensive variety of buttons, collar styles, pocket styles, cuff styles, pleat styles for you to choose from. 
  • Can I give you my own materials?
    This is possible, even though we carry a vast variety of fabrics we can still tailor the suit with fabric you may have of your own.
  • Do you keep a record of our measurements?
    Yes, once our executives measure you, we will keep your record on file. Thus reordering in person or online is much easier in the future.
  • How can I prolong the life of my suit?

    All of our bespoke suits are made from the finest British and Italian fabrics and so you will find that they last considerably longer. The following suggestions will help you to get the most out of your bespoke suit:

    1. The simple solution to increasing the life of your suit is to rotate them often with other suits in your wardrobe.

    2. You will realize that your trousers are subject to wear and tear far more than your jacket. Ordering an extra pair of trousers with bespoke suit could potentially double its life. It’s not necessary that the two pairs of trousers should be exactly the same style either, enabling you to vary the style of your full suit.

    3. It’s important that your suit should be dry cleaned only.

    4. Look after your suits when you are wearing them; try not to carry heavy items in your pockets as they will alter the shape of the suit.

    5. Try to avoid wearing your jacket when travelling, and always hang your suit up wherever possible.

  • I have ordered several suits/shirts, but have only received one, when can I expect the rest of the delivery?
    When you order multiple items during your first order, we send out only one first as a trial/fitting. When you receive your first suit/shirt, you should give us your feedback so that we can proceed with your remaining order accordingly and deliver it as soon as possible. What else do you propose besides suits and shirts? We carry fabrics and styles for Suits, Shirts, Sports Jacket, Blazer, Overcoats, Cotton/Linen/Corduroy suits, Smoking/Tuxedo, Chinos Trousers.
  • Can you deliver anywhere in the world?
    We can deliver to you anywhere in the world, postage and packaging may vary.
  • I have received my suit, what shall I do next?
    Even though we pack suit/shirt very professionally, they are bound to have some creases when you unpack them. We recommend all the delivered suits to be steam ironed at your local dry cleaners. It’s a quick and inexpensive process; a full dry-clean is not required.
  • How can I get myself measured?

    There are 2 different ways to get measured: 

    1. In-Person: You can contact us to schedule a meeting.

    2. Garment Cloning: If you have a garment that fits you well and would like to get the exact fit for your new garment. You can send us your sample garment and we will copy the measurements and send it back along with your new clothes.

  • How can I know what style and color would suit me best?
    When we meet you for the fitting, we can advice you on what style will suit you and show you colors which goes best with your complexion, in fact it is part of the meeting process. Our aim is that we deliver you a suit that flatters you.
  • What do Comfortable, Regular and Slim Fit mean?
    These are simply descriptions of how close-fitting your suit will be. If you are fond of a little comfort in your suit, then comfortable fit is for you; alternatively, the regular fit provides a neat tapered look to the jacket. In general, the regular or slim fit is what most people are used to and is in fashion as well. Slim fit, however, can take some getting used to, but is extremely flattering on some body shapes.