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Nothing is more critical to a shirt than its fabric. We source fabrics from all over the world, looking for stylish patterns with comfortable, durable constructions. Our selection includes a wide variety of compact single and 2-ply fabrics ranging from 50s to 120s, Egyptian to Sea-Island cotton, broadcloths and twills, imported fromTurkey, England and Italy.
If you're particular about how a custom tailored shirts fits, you're in good hands. Our experienced tailors carefully hand sew shirts using traditional methods. Our custom size options provide you a variety of ways to choose a  mens shirts online and ultimately gives you custom tailored shirts that fit perfectly.
When you design your own made to measure shirts you know it's unique. Details like collar and cuff accents let you create fun, yet professional looks. Get creative and design a shirt from scratch or browse to see designs for inspiration.

  • 1.25" front placket or plain front.
  • No rear pleats (side or center box pleats may be specified as part of a custom size).
  • No rear darts.
  • 3/8" tie space (may vary based on selected collar style)
  • Split yoke cut on the fabric bias (single piece yoke may be specified in the design tool).
  • Small button on sleeve placket.
  • Shallow 2" curved shirt tails.
  • Detachable collar stays (may vary based on selected collar style).
  • Fused collars and cuffs.
  • Mother of Pearl or durable resin buttons.
  • Buttons attached with crisscross stitching.
  • Minimum of 16 stitches per inch.


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Collar Styles

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