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  • For us , “just fine” is a failure. When you get a custom made suit, you’re buying a piece of clothing that will feel like a second skin – only better. Tailored  made suits not only fit perfectly to the particular contours of your body, they also accentuate your best features while masking the ones that you’d prefer to keep hidden. We can do this because we design the mens suit specifically for your body. You’ll never be able to get that with an off-the-rack mens suit, and anyone who says otherwise is just flat-out lying.

  • It vanished in the '90s, suffering the dual blows of minimalism and casual Friday (which spread into casual Everyday). But some men are dressing up again, thank goodness, and not necessarily just for the office; they're even adding flourishes like pocket squares and tie bars. The three-piece tailor made suit makes a statement, literally, of one-upmanship in the dressing-up arms race. However, the three-piece suit's formality does necessitate some rules. It looks best with a tie—leave the tieless, top-buttons-undone look for your two-piecers.

    The waistcoat gives a designer mens suit more heft, visually as well as practically: it adds a layer of warmth in the cooler months. It also keeps the shirt and tie in place and can have a trimming effect, almost like a girdle, on a man's middle (beer bellies rejoice!).